February 2006

This weekend I met my Grandma!!! I love her soooooo much! Since she left I’ve been inconsolable, Mom and Dad just can’t sooth me like she did.

Mom, Dad, Grandma and I went to Connecticut this weekend – my first trip out of New York. I met so many relatives there I can hardly keep count. Mostly there were a bunch of Aunts who look sort of like my Mom, only they don’t smell as good. I also met an Uncle, and two cousins, Shannon and Casey. Shannon and Casey are BIG girls, and they have LOTS of toys. I can’t wait to go back to Connecticut to play with them again.

Will you be mine????


I took a real bath today! Mom put me in the big-girl sink and washed me up. It was so cold afterward, I was shivering! But it was over fast and Mom put me in something fuzzy and warm afterward, so I guess it wasn’t so bad.

WOW! We had soooo much snow in New York today!!! I hear it’s a record-breaking storm for the city!

For most of the morning Mom and Dad debated taking me outside. Dad wanted to take me out and plop me in a snowbank, he said it would make a great photo. Mom said I would freeze to death or at best get frostbite. Finally Mom agreed to take me out so long as she had me bundled in the Bjorn so she could make sure no snowflakes hit my face, and no snowbanks!!

I met a new friend today, Isabel Stackawitz! Isabel is two weeks older than me! Isabel came to visit me with her mom and dad, Donna and Jeremy. It was great, Isabel and I ate lunch, then we all went to Cowgirl. Our parents ate brunch while Isabel and I took naps. It was cold out, I hear there’s a big “blizzard” coming today, whatever that means! Dad says its going to be my first “Noreaster” – and his too!!! I guess they don’t get many storms in California.

Here’s some photos from our playdate today.

I got presents in the mail! Grandpa Straw sent me a new friend – a teddy bear named Argus. I don’t care what Stephen Colbert says, I love bears! And Grandpa Marino sent me a cozy hat and mittens, and a pair of socks with Elephants on them! Dad asked if the elephants have any special significance (mumbling something about donkeys and elephants) but Mom says probably not. I love my Grandpas; I can’t wait to see them!

I’m three weeks old today! It feels like I’ve been here forever. The weather has been great here in New York, but Dad keeps rumbling about something called “Global Warming” and says he’ll explain it when I’m older.

Friday Mom, Dad and I walked to Babies R Us to pick up a few items, they have a great “Mother’s Room” there where Mom fed me and I saw a bunch of other babies. Then we walked home by way of the Hudson River, and Dad took some photos before sunset.

Sunday Dad put me in the Bjorn and we visited another restaurant – the Burger Joint. Nothing to rave about there, according to Mom we won’t be going back again.

Today the weather was cold again, and I can’t go out without three layers and the plastic liner on my stroller, which makes it hard to see all the sights. I can’t wait until spring!

Oh my god. I just don’t feel like myself these days. When the evening rolls around, I get SO anxious and fidgety. From 6pm until midnight, all I want to do is fuss, eat, and fuss some more. I can only take short naps if Mom or Dad are holding me. They try to put me down sometimes, but my bed just isn’t as comfortable as Mom’s lap. Unfortunately Mom is worried her skin is going to graft to the leather sofa because I never give her a chance to get up.

In other news, I held my head up on my own today!



I’ve been so busy, I barely have time to post! Yesterday Mom took me out in the sunshine again, and we met Dad at one of their favorite lunch spots – Peanut Butter & Co. Mom and Dad both had the usual – the “Elvis”: Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey, and Bacon, all grilled on wheat toast! Yum!!! I can’t wait to eat solid foods!

Tonight we went for our first dinner outing too! Dad picked a chain restaurant – Pizzaria Uno – so just in case I started to cry, then he and Mom wouldn’t feel so bad about disturbing the other guests. I don’t know what he was worried about, I was a perfect angel the whole time!