March 2006

I love getting mail, but really doesn’t everybody? You never know what’s going to come. Every day is a surprise. Sometimes really neat stuff comes, like presents or letters. This is me reading a letter from my cousin Vivian, if you look closely you can see Vivian’s artwork – its a picture of me!

Vivian is my big cousin who lives in California. In case you didn’t know, I have nine cousins. I’ve only met four of them – Shannon, Casey, Abby and Charlotte.

Vivian has a little brother Harry, and a little sister Pia who is just a baby, like me! Actually, I did sort of meet them, but I was still inside my Mom’s belly, so I don’t remember it so well. Here they are when Mom and I visited them last year:

Then there’s two BIG boys, Ian and Adam. They live in Colorado and I hope to meet them this summer.

Gotta run, its bath time.



Today I held a rattle all by myself!!! 



You want to know the best part about holding things?? Sticking them in your mouth!  I’ve been introduced to a whole new world today.  YUUUMMMMM!

Happy Spring everyone! It doesn’t feel like spring, but I did see some buds on a hearty tree or two while out with Mom today. I’m hopeful.

This past weekend I took another train trip to Wilton to visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. I know what you’re thinking – not a train again! That’s what I thought. Not to worry, we took Metro North this time which seems to run on time.

Here’s me in my springtime outfit:

No, I can’t sit up yet, that’s just creative use of camera angles.

Look ma, no hands!

In other news, Mom and Dad found me a nanny. I’m not sure how I feel about this. She seems OK. We’ll see. There was a really sweet Ukranian lady that came by, but Dad says he can’t very well hire someone without work authorization, especially after all his complaints about the “H1Bs.” Whatever that means. So my nanny will be legal, that’s a good thing because I’m too young to go to jail!

::Sniff:: I got my eight week vaccinations today. ::Sniff::

I wish I could say it wasn’t so bad. But I can’t. It was TERRIBLE!!!!! I had three shots in my little thighs and they hurt like crazy! Mom calmed me down at the doctors office, and I eventually fell asleep on the way home. But tonight when I woke up from my nap I felt so weird inside I couldn’t stop crying and screaming. Mom and Dad gave me some tylenol and eventually I konked out. What a horrible day. I’m going to bed now, this day has been too long already.

I’m back from North Carolina! On Saturday morning Mom, Dad and I boarded an Amtrak train bound for Charlotte North Carolina. We almost missed the train – Dad discovered at 6:55 that our train left at 7:15, not 7:45 like he originally thought. He had to run down to 7th Avenue to flag down a taxi while Mom and I ran behind him with the stroller (thank goodness for my speedy stroller). Luckily the morning traffic was light and we made it to the train on time. That was the last On-time arrival we had all weekend! Our train to Charlotte was delayed over two hours, so we spent over 13 hours on the train that day.

Here’s me on the train:

Once in Charlotte I met my Great Grandpa and Grandma Williams, and my Great Aunt Sue and Uncle Brad. Sue and Grandma gave me wonderful gifts – Sue made me my very own Raggedy Ann doll, with my name on it!

My new favorite dolly:

Here’s me and Great Grandpa and Grandma Williams. Grandpa was an expert soother – I get the impression he’s held a few babies in his day!

On Monday it was off to Raleigh to meet my cousins Abby and Charlotte, they are my new best friends! Charlotte drew me a picture, and Abby says she is going to name HER baby Tess when she’s born. I also met my Grandpa Straw and Terry – they live in Florida. Terry was a very nice lady who knows how to hold a baby, if you know what I mean, soft and sweet like a mom, ya know?

Before I knew it Wednesday rolled around and we were on the northbound train to New York. It was so sad to leave Abby and Charlotte, but I know I’ll see them again soon.

And finally, here is me and my cousins Abby and Charlotte.  They’re so pretty, everyone says I look like they did when they were babies, I wonder if I’ll be that pretty someday???

Well, gotta run. I’m still exhausted from another long day on the Amtrak train.



Today I weighed in at 12 pounds 2 ounces! I’m still growing like mad. Now I can fit into my 3 to 6 month outfits, and I’m only 7 weeks old! Mom thinks my little round face looks like a blueberry, maybe I should call my blog the Blueberry Patch instead… hmmm. You be the judge:

In other news, tomorrow I’m going on a big train ride to North Carolina! I’m going to visit my Great Grandpa and Grandma Williams, AND my Grandpa Straw! I’ll also see my Aunt Jen and Uncle Jeff again, and meet more cousins – Abby and Charlotte. I’m so excited!

I won’t have internet access while I’m away, so sorry I won’t be able to update until we get back. I’ll be sure to have Mom and Dad take plenty of photos. Stay tuned for my report when we return next week!

As promised, here I am in my new bathtub!

I’m enjoying it, can you tell?

Did you know that the the kitchen sink is the dirtiest place in the house? Anyway, after Mom discovered this little fact she decided I needed a real Tess-sized bathtub. So yesterday we went to Babies-R-Us to buy one.  (Side note: I LOVE Babies R Us.  There are so many BABIES there, and pregnant Mom’s, and everyone is just as crazy and confused as my Mom and Dad.  Dad is now one of the “experienced” shoppers; you should see him offering advice to the other expectant parents, too cute!  I love my Dad.)  So back to the bathtub…

We picked out a tub that expands as I grow – it looked pretty neat, or so we thought. But when we got it home and filled it up, we discovered a little too late that it leaks terribly!!! Mom was so mad she packed it back up, still dripping wet. Today we went back to Babies R Us AGAIN to return it and get a different one. We should have checked out the Amazon customer reviews beforehand, but oh well, you live and you learn.  The new tub is great, it’s all one piece, has a comfy seat that helps keep my head above water, I love it! Bath time is fun again!

Tomorrow I’ll post photos of me in my new tub, but right now I’m sooo sleepy, I’ve only slept 16 hours today, gotta catch up on my ZZzzzz’s.



Hello, I’m back! I’ve been very busy these past two weeks. After Grandma left, I had more visitors – my Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Jeff!!! We had another big weekend with Jen and Jeff. I went on a Breastfeeding Tour! On Saturday I breastfed in all sorts of places all over Manhattan. First the Metropolitan Museum, then the food concourse at Grand Central, then at Outback Steak house! I’m becoming a fixture on the New York City scene, look for a photo of me breastfeeding in the society pages of next month’s New Yorker.

In other news, I turned 6 weeks old on Monday. This means I have officially revealed my beautiful SMILE! I’ve already learned that my smile holds great powers. I can get Mom and Dad to do pretty much anything with just a flash of the smile. This is why I must NEVER allow them to photograph my smile, or else the real thing will lose its power! I think they caught a photo today, its hard to stay on guard all the time, especially when Dad is singing those goofy songs, he cracks me up!