May 2006

My cousin Casey had her First Holy Communion this weekend. It was my first time ever in a real church. Mom says if all the priests are like the one we saw, it may be my last!

And guess what? There’s a bona fide angel in my family, can you see the halo over Casey’s head?:

Casey in White

And I wasn’t looking too shabby myself:

Springtime Outfit

You see, this weekend I learned the value of a killer outfit. I had more hugs and cuddles on Saturday than any other day of my life! If wearing a little sunhat and an eyelet dress (and don’t forget the mary-jane socks – a MUST HAVE) gets me that much love, I’ll forgo my footed sleepers any day of the week!

Oh, and I also met Willie, Shannon and Casey’s new puppy:

Shannon and Willie

Isn’t he cute??? I felt a little bad stealing the show from the puppy, being cuter than him and all. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Well, gotta run.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! This is my first Mother’s Day, and my Mom’s first Mother’s Day too. It’s so weird, people on the street keep saying “Happy Mother’s Day!” to us — who knew it was such a big deal!???

Anyway, Dad helped me pick out a gift for Mom. He said Mom would like nothing better than some good Chocolate for Mother’s Day (although I think he had his own motives on this one).

Here’s me with the chocolate:

A Chocolate Box for Mom!!!

Hmmm, do you think she’ll notice if I eat one??? Dad said it was ok, since the solid protocol is: first Rice Cereal, then Chocolate, then Veggies….

Mmmmmmm Chocolate!



Ok, so aside from my little giggling issue, I’m sort of advanced. Physically, that is. Or at least that’s what Mom and Dad keep saying. For one thing I’m a big girl. Guess how much I weigh???

11 pounds? Try again!

13 pounds? Try again!

I’m weighing in at a nice round 15 pounds, 10 ounces these days. I know, that’s the size of a six month old!! So as you can imagine, I need to eat A LOT! So Mom and Dad thought it might be time for me to experiment with solids–solid food that is!

How did I like it? Well, the jury is still out. First of all, it would be great if Mom got me a Tess-sized spoon, instead of this soup spoon from the take-out place:

Whoa Mom what is that!?

The spoon is a little big, don’t ya think? But you know me, I’m always up for a new experience, and this certainly was new!!!


Maybe if I can master this whole “swallowing” thing, it might be more enjoyable….

Mmmnum mmmnuuuum

In other news, the Giggle Embargo is coming to an end, but not quiiiiiet yet. I’d say it’s sort of petering out. You see, I’m making little “heh-heh” sounds, and I’m also squealing in delight, “heeeeeeaaaaaah!” But Mom and Dad are new at this, and they just don’t know: THAT’S ME GIGGLING!

What do they expect? They think I’m going to go straight from silent grinning to a giant belly laugh? Nope. I’m working up to it for sure. Eventually Mom and Dad will catch on, and when that happens, you can be sure to find video footage of it here on the blog. So stay tuned!



All this hub-bub over giggling, and no one is paying attention to how well I’m doing on my other To-do list items. I’ve been working around the clock on item #3: “Put Everything in My Mouth.”

You see I can’t be sure if an item is a Friend of Tess or an Enemy of Tess, until I Put it in my Mouth. Once I’ve got it in there —

and I like to really jam it up in there good —

I can stick my tongue all over it, slobber on it, taste it, and REALLY get to know it.

Once I’ve got something in my mouth, I can say, without a doubt “I like you” or “I really don’t care for you” or even “I LOOOOVE YOU.” So far, I love pretty much everything!

As you can also see, I’ve made up with my Bumbo. I just can’t hold a grudge. I guess I’m just a lover, not a fighter.


As my regular readers know, I was less than thrilled with my Bumbo baby chair. Not only did it cramp my style, the non-stop parties and trips to the beach they promised me never materialized.

Now, someone other than Mom and Dad has filed suit against my favorite company: Baby Einstein. Apparently, their videos won’t make me a Baby Einstein after all – it was all false advertising. Dad says he expected nothing less from Disney.

The good news is that Dad stopped trying to turn me from a Geometry person into a Calculus person. The bad news is that my only source of entertainment now is listening to him sing the alphabet song twenty times a day.

Tess’s To-Do List:

  1. Sleep through the night
  2. Giggle
  3. Put Everything in my mouth

Ok, so, Sleep through the night, CHECK! That’s right people, I managed to pull that one off after all. Last night I slept from 7:40pm until 4:00am without waking up for anything! That’s EIGHT FULL HOURS (and 20 minutes, but who’s counting). Yes, it’s a small detail that Mom had to wake up at 4 am to hang with me for a bit. I went right back to sleep and slept until 8:30am! So in total I slept almost 13 hours last night.

Considering that the average American only gets 6.9 hours of sleep a night, I think I’m well on my way to becoming above average!

Of course now Mom and Dad are in hard-core analysis mode: “Was it an anomaly?” “Will there be a repeat performance tonight?” I say, Who cares?!!! All I know is that I hit that Milestone, which means there’s still hope for me to Giggle. Phew! I can’t wait, ‘cuz my cheeks are getting tired from all this silent grinning!

Silent Grin


I’ve been so stressed over my Milestone Mix-up, I almost forgot to upload my Rolling Over video! How inconsiderate of me!? So, here I am in my debut Internet video performance! (WMV Movie)

So maybe I’m not Light Saber Kid, but it’s only my first foray into video, cut a girl some slack!

p.s. Don’t even talk to me about the Giggle Embargo. No giggles yet, trying not to think about it.



Oh man I think I really messed up this time. I thought I was so clever, holding out on Mom and Dad with the Giggle Embargo. Its been what, eight whole days now that I’ve held out? I was starting to feel all Smug. But then, I discovered something horrible.

You see, yesterday I rolled over. All by myself. Yeah, I know. Its a Milestone. Mom and Dad had a conniption and even video-taped the whole thing. I was throwing Mom another bone, or so I thought. Then Mom pulls out the baby book and jotted something down. Later on I snuck out with my flashlight to see what she had written, and my little heart sank as I read this:

Oh my god. You see what it says? In this order: “Slept through the Night, Grinned, GIGGLED, Rolled Over.” Well now that I’ve rolled over, can I go back to Giggle? Or am I all messed up now that I skipped a step? Am I destined for a life of SILENT GRINNING? Please tell me it’s not true. Not to mention I’ve never slept through the night! I didn’t even know that was possible!?? Please. I’ll do anything to undo this horrible mess. Maybe I need some help to jump start the giggles, I’m done with the Embargo, I promise. Is there anything that can help me Giggle?!