June 2006

This past weekend Mom, Dad and I went to Cape Cod Massachusetts to visit my Grandpa Marino and many, many relatives on the Marino side. I met two more cousins — Ian and Adam. And another Auntie, Leslie. But there must be something wrong with Mom & Dad’s camera, because when we got home we discovered we only had pictures of ME. I wonder what happened? This is all we got:

Well to be honest we did get a few shots of me with Grandpa Marino, and my Dad.

That’s me at the Cape Cod Bowl. What fun that was!!! Can’t wait ’til I can find a pair of bowling shoes that fit my little feet!

Before we left the Cape we went to the National Cemetery. I know, sounds scary, but it was nothing really. It turns out my Grandma Marino and Great Grandpa Straw are BOTH there. Mom and Dad think its some kind of destiny thing.

In other news, I’m rolling in every direction with ease. In fact I’m finding it hard not to get my little legs all tangled up in the crib bars when I roll around in there. It’s kind of frustrating, but as soon as I let out one big wail, Mom usually knows what’s up and comes to save me.

And I’ve also learned how to raspberry. You know, thhhhwwwwwwbt! (but juicy). Dad is currently working on cutting a video clip of it so I can post it here. Stay tuned!


Wow, its been a while since I last wrote! This weekend was jammed packed with fun.

Saturday morning we packed up the stroller and took the D train waaaaaay out through Brooklyn to Coney Island!

None of us had ever been there before, and it was my first time ever at the beach. Mom and Dad said we probably won’t be going back, I’m not sure why. It was fun enough. We walked the boardwalk, ate some Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, and did some people watching. It was sort of hot so we cut our trip short and headed back into the city to our air conditioned apartment.

Here’s me and Dad on the boardwalk. You can see the famous Cyclone in the background:

Sunday we all woke up early so I could give Dad his father’s day gift: a Mug with My Mug on it!!! He loves it. Now he gets to show me off to his co-workers without actually bringing up my name. Can you picture it, Dad will be like “That’s very interesting Jim, let me think about it while I take another sip of coffee from this mug here….. sssssssssssssiiip.”

Other than that we’ve been trying to stay cool in the heat.

Oh, and I almost forgot!!! Tonight I rolled over back-to-front, for the very first time (or at least its the first time Mom caught me doing it). I was going down for my nap, and I was stretching all over and suddenly I found myself on my belly. I was a little discombobulated and not sure how to get myself rolled back the other way. Luckily, Mom came in to check on me and she set me straight again. Phew! Anyway, that was fun.

Gotta run, bedtime for me.


I’m 5 months old today!!! Yeah!

That’s almost half way to a year! It’s not technically a real birthday, which I understand only happens once a year. But anyway, birthdays are not like normal days. Today I learned that when it’s your birthday very special things happen.

It all started early this morning. I woke up in my crib and I was going about my business. Doing my usual stretching and yawning routine, sucking on my Lovey, waiting for Mom to notice my rustling noises. Next thing I know, Dad is hopping out of bed like a spring (which he NEVER does) and he’s grabbing me. Then he’s throwing me into this, this, Massive Command Center of sucking, spinning, flashing, popping and beeping TOYS.

This is me in my new Exersaucer, it’s my Birthday Present! It was a complete surprise!

Apparently Dad snuck the Exersaucer into the apartment late last night after I went to bed, and he and Mom stayed up ’til the wee hours assembling it. Then this morning, there it was!

I spent all day playing in it. I haven’t even gotten to all the toys yet, let alone the bouncing and spinning functions. This thing blows all my other toys away. Seriously, check out this bad boy:

What fun! Now I’m totally pooped and have to go to bed. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow to play in it some more!


Remember my To-Do list? Yeah, I kinda forgot about it too. But here’s a recap:

1. Sleep through the night
2. Giggle
3. Put Everything in my mouth

Well, I’ve got #2 down. I’ve Giggled. Yes I admit it. It happens mostly when I’m out with Mom and Dad. Oddly, my two documented Giggle Fits have happened while we’re on public transportation. I just get so excited about the trains and buses, it cracks me up.

#1 is a tough one. I’m only getting up once a night these days. I go to sleep at 7:30, wake up once at around midnight, then I sleep through until 7:3o am. So I’m making progress.

Now what I really came here to talk about is #3. Put Everything in my mouth. Today I achieved something I previously thought to be impossible. Check it out:


Now before you get all freaked out–my feet are clean! I just got out of the bath so no toe cheese here. Clean as a whistle. Just look how wrinkled my toes are. Now this could keep me busy for hours!

Gotta run to bed now, tomorrow is my 5 Month Birthday, and I’m expecting some BIG surprises!!!


Did you know the New York Times’ target audience is babies age zero to 18 months? Me neither!

But over the last couple of days they’ve been running articles that are shockingly appropriate for my age group.

First there’s this article on breastfeeding. Then today there’s this great article on a study on the effects of daycare.

You all know I’m breastfed. Personally I think its the right option for me. Of course I would never impose my tastes on other babies.

Peter Rabbit chowing down

I know many moms are up in arms over these articles, “there goes the Times again, laying a guilt trip on us!” But I say they have some good points. Would we rather remain ignorant of the study data? On the daycare question, the real issue is options, as the Times points out:

“The big lesson from Quebec is that parents really do need more support, but they need the kind of support that allows them to choose what is best for their family. Mothers and fathers should get paid time off after a baby is born, and the money should come from a government insurance program, as it does in Canada, England and other countries. Companies need to be given incentives to create more part-time jobs that don’t derail careers — and then find some up-and-coming men who want those jobs. High-quality preschool programs should be available for every low-income child and perhaps universally.”

Mom and I agree on this one, bigtime. Did you know that EVERY industrialized nation in the world, except the United States, has some form of PAID parental leave with a guaranteed job on return to work? Why is the US so behind on the leave front? And the better question is, what are WE going to do about it?

What do you think of this hat?:

Does this say

I’m loving the dramatic look it creates, but I think the color might wash me out. What do you think? Mom is all about the sun protection, which I agree is essential to protect my milky (literally!) complexion. I guess it does the job.

I know, you’ve all been asking, where is Tess??? Well our little family has been quite busy these last few weeks.

Mom is back at work full time, and Dad is working now too!!! Mom is certainly happy about that. Dad is busy around the clock working as a summer associate at a law firm here in New York. He says they’re working him to the bone — and they barely give him time to do all his work with all the lunches, drinks and dinner they participate in.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch things are moving right along for me. I’m 4 and a half months old now. I weighed in at 17 pounds this morning, and I’m still rolling front to back with no problem. Last night I slept seven hours straight.

And let’s see, what else? What? Oh, you want to know about the Giggle???? Silly me. Yes, I’m giggling. But I’m not one of those annoying girls that giggles at everything. You have to work for my giggle. So Mom and Dad have had a tough time predicting when my giggle fits will occur. So, as of yet, my giggle goes unrecorded.

If a Tess giggles alone in her crib, does she make a sound? One thing is for sure, when I’m happy I can’t control my smiles. I’m worried I’m going to break my cheeks if I smile any harder!

I love a good joke!

It hasn’t been all work for the Straws. Last weekend we took our first family road trip to New Hampshire and Maine. My Aunt Frances came to meet us in Concord New Hampshire, here I am with her at the hotel:

Frances and Me

While in New Hampshire we visited my Grandpa Straw’s birthplace – New Castle. Here I am with Dad in front of the New Castle elementary school, where Grandpa Straw went when he was a boy!

I'm not ready for school yet!

Well that’s about it. I gotta run. This weekend we’re apartment hunting. We have to get more space so I can have my own room!!! I’m kind of scared about sleeping in my own room, but Mom says it will be alright. We’ll see.