July 2006

Dude, being 6 months old is hard.

My body is changing all over, Beastly little teeth are coming in, I’m catching viruses, and I have so much to learn. Every day it’s “time to practice sitting up,” “time to practice eating solids.” Not like those lazy newborn days when I could lounge around and nurse all day.

These days I’m also sleeping less and less, which explains why I’m so moody. As far as I’m concerned this is Baby Puberty and it downright stinks!

Luckily Mom and Dad are cool and they know what a teen baby needs. I need some time to be alone, to control my surroundings. Some quality Tess Time, ya know?

So sometimes Mom, Dad and I just go and hang in Washington Square Park.

And after I’ve done all my practicing, I just want to go someplace and chill, sit back with some avocado and watch the world go by. Mom and Dad are totally down with that too.

Well, gotta run to bed now. A teenager needs her sleep!


Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous Beastie,

O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!

Dear Beastie: You have no idea who you’re up against.

So imagine this. Imagine you’re a little baby. Inside your little baby mouth you have many tender, soft and fleshy surfaces. This is mostly great because you can use your squishy little mouth for all sorts of useful things with no problems like eating from an equally squishy nipple, tasting foreign objects and mouthing Dad’s face. Life is great.

But now imagine that underneath the surface of this pink fleshy playground you call your mouth there is a tortuous evil super sharp white beast. And said little Tortuous Evil Super Sharp White Beast (let’s call him TES… er, lets call him Beastie), wee little Beastie has it in his mind that he is no longer content to lie beneath the surface of your tender soft gums, and suddenly he must take his razor sharp edge, and begin to JAM his sharp edge and JAM, JAM, JAM himself up against the tender underside of your soft gums until the little bastard…. I mean Beastie manages to actually TEAR the flesh apart, creating a gaping wound in your gum line so that he may POP his greedy little self out into your previously tender, soft and fleshy mouth. OOOOOOOOUCH.

Does that sound pleasant to you? Me neither. That’s the little drama going on in my mouth these days. Can you believe it!? This morning I went from happily singing “Mom mom mom mom” to screaming “Mooooooooaaaama!!!! aaayyyaaayyyayyyay!” I’ve been sticking things in my mouth all day and nothing seems to stop the pain. I’ve even got a little fever. To top it all off its so hot here in New York that Mom won’t let me go outside. I guess that even though I’m big enough to cut my first tooth, I’m not big enough to handle a little weather. It majorly stinks. Majorly.

I gotta go brush the Beastie now. Later.


I know, I know, where have I been, you ask? Why such a long silence?

Well, first off, I’ve been busy. But I know that’s no excuse. But I’ve also been a bit under the weather. I don’t want to get into the gorry details, lets just say it involves lots and lots of green liquid, located in my diaper. Happily it seems to have cleared up now.

So, lots of catching up to do. I’ve been rolling like crazy, coming within inches of the side of the bed, eating solids, blowing bubbles, making rasberry sounds, sitting up momentarily without being supported…. let’s see what else?

I’ve made several forays into the world of solids. Mom and I tried rice cereal, oatmeal, even yams, but none of that really appealed to me. So this week we tried bananas, and woah baby, those are good! From now on I’m not eating anything unless it’s mixed with bananas. Hmmm, and what else have I done? Drumroll please……

I’ve said a word!!! Well, I think I said a word. “WORD” as defined by Merriam-Webster is:

WORD, noun 2 a (1) : a speech sound or series of speech sounds that symbolizes and communicates a meaning usually without being divisible into smaller units capable of independent use.

Now I’m not going to be all pedantic about it, so I’ll just let you see for yourself. You be the judge:


In other news, Mom, Dad and I are packing up for our big move. We’re moving to a bigger apartment so I can have more room to crawl, and eventually walk! I’ll try not to go too long before my next update.