August 2006

Its been so long I don’t even know where to begin. Since I last updated I have seriously seen it all.

First I have to apologize for leaving you all hanging on my food extravaganza before we left New York. Maybe I’ll come back to that subject once we try some of the fine Italian eating establishments here in Hoboken. Generally I’ve been way busy, but life is good.

The short summary of the last few weeks is as follows:

Mom, Dad and I flew to San Francisco. Saw Grandma and Nanna. Met Uncle Chris, Aunt Sylvia, and Cousins Vivian, Harry and Pia (Hi Vivi!). Saw Aunt Frances. I have no idea how Aunt Frances is in both Boston and San Francisco, maybe she has a double.

Ate Genuine Mission Style Burritos. YUM. Modeled for Grandma’s photo class (see gorgeous results above).

Oh, and my Nanny Maggie also must have a double, because on Tuesday SHE was also in San Francisco. Either that or it was a major coincidence. Anyway, Maggie and I hung out in foggy Frisco while Mom went to work. Dad was AWOL for a couple of days, then Mom and I got on another plane and flew to Southern California, and another major coincidence, we found Dad there!

In Southern California I went to a wedding, but didn’t do much else. We stayed in a hotel and there was nothing else for miles and miles around. Mom Dad and I had to hike forever just to find a bagel shop. Not like New York I tell ya. WEIRD.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that before this big trip we moved to Hoboken. Such the right decision. This place is awsome, if I do say so myself. I’ve already made a ton of friends. If you’re trying to look me up, Mom says we can be found at the following address:

Baby University
Baby Dorm, 0 to 24 months
c/o Sleep Deprived Parents
Hoboken, NJ 07030

So anyway, we’re back in Hoboken now, but I’m staying on West Coast time for a while. No reason to get up early on these rainy mornings.

Gotta run to catch some zzz’s, I’ll be back tomorrow to post more photos from my trip.


In less than a week we’ll be Hoboken bound. This is quite an upheaval for a girl who’s lived in the city her whole life. I’ve had many good times here in New York, mostly of the gastronomic sort. The thing I’ll miss most about living in New York City is the variety of food and dessert choices, all right outside our door. In honor of my favorite local eating establishments, this week I’d like to highlight some of the best.

Where to begin?

You already know about me and cupcakes. Goodbye Magnolia Bakery.

But I’ve also got a thing for sushi. Mom and Dad are all “there’s nothing like San Francisco for sushi.” Whatever Mom and Dad, you go ride your little trolly car, I’ll just be over here enjoying my tuna rolls at Yama. Goodbye Yama.

And don’t forget the Italian Bakeries of the West Village. There are too many to name, but there is no better place to get traditional Seven Layer than at Bruno’s on Bleeker.

Goodbye Bruno’s.

Sniff… sniff….But the move is for the best, we’ll have a bigger apartment — which means more room to roam!

And I’m sure Hoboken has it’s share of fine eating establishments. Sniff… sniff… sooooooooob!!!!! I gotta go before I get my laptop all soggy… I’ll be back to cover the rest of our favorites once I pull myself together.