September 2006

What a great weekend! Things started off really well for us when on Thursday night I slept from midnight until 6 am!!! I was finally able to sleep through my 4 am feeding! We thought it was an anomoly, but I’ve been able to keep my night feeding to one single waking for three nights now!! You have no idea how much concentration it takes for me to pull that off!

The great thing about skipping the 4 am feed, is that when Mom wakes up with me at 6:30, she’s all refreshed and ready to go! This morning we went down to the water and watched the cruise ships come up the Hudson River.

This weekend we also went to the Hoboken Italian Festival. It’s quite the event, finally an “Italian” festival with some actual, honest to goodness Italian food. The festival looked like a great party to me, maybe it will get better when I’m old enough to eat mozzarella and red sauce.

I may not look it, but I’m a quarter Italian. One thing I can say about New Jersey is that an Italian girl gets the respect she deserves for her fine heritage. Tony Soprano is from Jersey, you know? Look how proud I am here at the festival among my people:

Anyway, I better run, bedtime for Tess.


I’m paralized by the overwhelming amount of material I have to cover here. Do you now long three weeks feels to me? I don’t even remember what I ate for breakfast let alone what happened three weeks ago.

Luckily, I have photos to help jog my memory.

Lets see, last time I checked in we were about to move from our apartment back in the West Village. Here’s me in the old place just before we left for the very last time.
It was sort of emotional for me. You know, it was my first home. I was born only a couple of blocks from that apartment. Mom and I spent many a wee hour nursing and cuddling in that cozy little apartment. ::sniff::

And then we moved to Hoboken. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the coziness of our old apartment, but the space we have now, WOW! A girl can really rock out on her exersaucer if you know what I mean. Here I am doing just that.

Dad started school again, which means he’s busy studying all the time. Now don’t tell me that law school is not intimidating. Just look at the books, I could be buried alive by those things!

Oh gosh what else is new? Oh, since we’ve expanded in our new home, I’ve had more space to stretch my legs, and I’ve even stood on my own!

I’ve also been busy down at the playroom, and out by the pool.
Seriously, Hoboken gets a bad rap, I don’t care what you city dwellers say, this place knows how to treat a girl right!

Anyway, I gotta run, we’re going for a Straw family stroll.