October 2006

I know, I know, you thought I had to spend Halloween in the clink, didn’t you? Well I said I had some good lawyers, and apparently they pulled some strings and I got probation for Halloween. I got six hours of freedom for good behavior. Phew! I thought I would miss Halloween altogether this year!

Anyway, so now I can finally reveal my Halloween Costume!!! It’s been tough keeping it a secret all this time. I’ve been putting it on every night, to make sure it still fits, and practicing. Practicing my LADYBUG impressions! BzzzzzzzzzzzzBzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzz!

Check it out:

The festivities started this afternoon when two of my friends showed up, also in costume. Here we are planning our strategy for the Hoboken Ragamuffin Parade.

So we headed out to the parade, and WOW there are LOTS of babies in Hoboken!

There were some amazing costumes, let me tell you. Good thing I learned how to point recently because that came in real handy today.

This one wins the TBCY Award (Tess’s Best Costume of the Year):

Something tells me this guy breaks out his funny car for the Fourth of July Parade too:

Oooh, and here’s a shot of me and Mom at the Parade. This may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but my Mom actually helps me with my blog, just a little. Mostly editing and some technical assistance, but that’s it.

Oh, and one last thing. Guess how big I am?

That’s right, I’m SOOOOOOO Big!

Now it’s off to bed for me, I’m POOPED!


It’s all my fault. I admit it. If anyone deserves time in the clink, it’s me.

I deserve hard time. You should see my rap sheep. You name it, I’ve done it. I’ve lunged for sharp corners, ingested hairballs, reached for electrical sockets, tugged on power chords, chewed alphabet floor tiles, pulled armoire drawers, licked sneaker soles, face planted onto hardwood (and almost chipped a tooth!), chewed chair legs and attempted to scale impossibly top-heavy furniture that threatens to tumble down and crush me!

I guess I should feel lucky. I’m behind bars now, relatively safe. Yeah, my cellmates are a little sketchy. There’s a shifty-eyed lamb and a freakishly chipper ragamuffin girl who won’t stop shaking her rattle and crinkling her dress, but they both seem harmless enough.

Anyway, I digress. I’m incinerated but it’s for the best. Just imagine the alternative. Me, out on the streets, choking to death, goose-egg bumps, toothless and crushed under heavy furniture. I know, it’s not a pretty thought.

Mom and Dad say it’ll only be a few month, a year, max. We’ve got the best lawyers money can buy, so I’m hopeful. Don’t forget me while I’m gone.


Only three more days until Halloween!!! Do you have a costume yet???

Earlier this week we went by the pumpkin patch to check out the pumpkins. I could almost fit inside some of the big ones. Mom likes to call me “pumpkin” sometimes. Now that I’ve seen a real live pumpkin, I’m not sure why, I don’t see much of a resemblance, do you?

Unfortunately our Halloween party plans got rained out this weekend. Instead I’m staying indoors and practicing my standing and stepping. Mom and Dad let me walk all over the place while they hold my hands. Mom says we should paint the floor like a Ouija Board for me to walk around on, and maybe I’ll channel some messages. Not sure what she means by that.

Hopefully the weather will improve for the Hoboken Rag-A-Muffin Parade on Tuesday. Just in case I think I’m going to wear my costume for the Hoboken Fall Harvest Festival tomorrow, do you think anyone will mind?

I’m gonna go try on my costume again and make sure it still fits. See ya later!


I’m nine months old people!!!! Can you believe it? That’s right, yesterday was my birthday. To celebrate I slept through the night!!! And I’m not talking any piddly 6 to 8 hour stretch. Mom put me down at 6:45 pm and I slept, and slept, and slept, until 6:20 am!!!! Mom’s hoping for a repeat performance tonight, but I can’t make any promises as it took quite a bit of concentration.

In other news, this past weekend was a big family reunion for me. I traveled to Connecticut with Mom and Dad, and saw tons of aunts and uncles, and a bunch of my cousins. Here I am with all my beautiful big girl cousins.

Overall I have to say it was a perfect Fall weekend. We went for a walk in the woods to check out the foliage, here I am playing with the big girls in the leaves. What, you can’t see me? Oh, I’m just outside the shot kicking up leaves in my stroller.

After our stroll in the woods we went back to the house and cousin Vivi and I played a few duets on the piano.

Dewd, my cousins are so lucky, they have an actual life sized Trampoline in their yard!!! If you don’t know what a Trampoline is, it’s sort of like a giant Exersaucer that your whole family can play on at once! Check it out:

We worked up quite an appetite so later we built a huge fire outside and made Smores! Too bad I’m not allowed chocolate until one year. I tried to tell Mom I could handle a roasted marshmallow or two, but she wouldn’t listen. Bummer. I told Mom I wanted a Smores Cake for my 1st Birthday.

Here I am all bundled up with Dad before we went out to roast marshmallows.

What great weekend.

You all know I’m a Winter baby, going out in the snow before I was even a month old. And I’ve been all around the Spring and Summer months. So now, after this weekend of official Fall weather, I think I’m finally qualified to declare a winner. After what I’ve heard about this Halloween stuff, I have to declare Fall the Best Season Ever!

Speaking of Halloween, do you have your costume ready yet??? There’s only 14 days left!!!

Well, gotta run, it’s time for bed!


I gotta tell you, I really love ME. Maine that is!

Mom, Dad and I went to Portland Maine last weekend for a little exploratory mission. Dad had a meeting with a man about a job, and apparently, he got the job. Who wouldn’t hire my Daddy? He’s pretty much the most awsomest guy I know.

So anywho, it looks like the Straw family will be spending some time in Portland Maine in the coming years. We’re still here in Hoboken for a year, but then we’re New England bound! Now don’t get your diapers all in a bunch, it’s only a one year position, so chances are we’ll be back in New York or thereabouts after the year is over.

While we were in Maine I was able to meet some of my other relatives. I met my Great Uncle John. Here I am getting up close and personal with Uncle John.

I also met Great Aunt Nancy who was also super sweet. Did you know that people in Maine can actually have goats for pets? Well you’re not going to believe this, but Aunt Nancy and Uncle John are some of those goat-owning people!!!

I can’t wait to move to Maine so I can get in on some of that goat action.

Here I am at the Waynflete School playground, look, I can wave!

In other news, I think, now hopefully I won’t jinx it now, I think I’m sleeping through the night now. Somehow the wacky hours of our trip to Maine got me all jumbled, and when the dust settled, I slept from 9 pm until 7 am. Go ME! (me meaning Tess, that is).