November 2006

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! Sorry I’m late, but I actually didn’t know what was coming. I thought we were just going to my aunt’s house for an ordinary dinner, I had no idea it was going to be so awesome!

We started out the weekend by packing up our new wheels with all of my toys and accoutrements. Then we made the trek up to Vermont where we had Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt Jackie’s house.

Here’s a shot of all the ladies:

You all know I’ve been around the block a couple times. In fact Dad says Vermont is the 13th state I’ve visited (I’m a little sketchy on counting for myself, plus I don’t remember much before what happened yesterday). So anyway, I think I’m qualified to declare Vermont a pretty cool place, and I’m not just talking about the weather.

Listen up. Two words: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Not impressed? Ok, One word: Apple Cider Donuts.

That’s actual fresh cider making happening in the background.

And if Ice Cream and Donuts don’t float your boat I have just Two more words for you: The Great Outdoors.

This was my first real hike in the woods. I have to say, I’m hooked. I can’t wait to move to Maine next year!!!


I’ve only recently discovered the severity of the Anti-Infant Bias in the blogosphere. I thought it was isolated to the Internets. What a sad underestimation that is.

Turns out the anti-infant bias spills over into the criminal justice system. That’s right, there are infants everywhere being unjustly incarcerated. Not just me.

You see I visited my friend Jason last weekend. And guess what? He’s in the clink too.

His crime, you ask? Who knows. There’s so much bureaucracy in this system, we could reach puberty before we even know the nature of his charges.

I’ve been sneaking into my Dad’s office at night to read up on it in his law books, and I think I’ve figured out a plan. Any lawyers out there who can help me file a writ of babieas corpus? If so, call me!


As you can see I’m not participating in National Blog Posting Month. Here we are, eight days into November, and this is only my second entry for the month. I wish I could say I’m too busy, that my life is too full of glamorous activities… Music Together, Play Dates galore, but that’s just not the case. Here’s why I’m not participating:

1. Massive anti-infant bias in the blogosphere. I’m just not welcome here, and I can feel it. All you twenty and thirty-something college edumicated bloggers, with your politics and your celebrities and your fashion, you all think you’re soooo cool. No one has any time to stop by my little old blog, let alone inform me of this NaBloPoMo BS.

2. What’s a Month?

Whatever dudes, I’ll post on my own schedule.


My genetic background is no secret — I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that. To be honest, it’s all a little abstract to me. I’m 1/4 Scottish. But what’s a Scotch? So today we conducted the first empirical study, and the results are in: I’m definitely part Italian!

This evening I was hangin’ in my cell after dinner — unpalatably bland peas and boiled potatoes… .uuuugggg. So I was playing with Ragamuffin Girl (we’re actually kind of hitting it off these days), and Mom decided I could join her and Dad at the dinner table. I must have played my cards right because before I knew it I was bellied up to a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, and Mom’s letting me lick the spoon!!!!!!

Man that stuff was like, like, I don’t know becuase I’ve never had any addictive substances, but if I had, I imagine it would be like this red sauce stuff. YUM.

Not sure yet what it does for the complexion. We shall see.

Can’t wait to see what’s on the menu tomorrow.