January 2007

She’s back.

But man oh man, what a horrible week.

First Mom disappears on Sunday. Monday I wake up with a wretched cough and stuffy nose. All week I was laid up with an awful cold and now I think I’m teething a molar.

I guess I got so heartsick when Mom disappeared, I just couldn’t battle off the cold. I’m still suffering from the worst stuffy nose you’ve ever seen (and you can really SEE this stuffy nose). That and the teething have made food a little unappetizing too.

So anyway, miracle of miracles, I woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday, and THERE SHE WAS! I was so happy to see her I stayed up to play with her for two hours! She and Dad didn’t seem to mind, we turned on all the lights, I had a bottle, it was great.

By Thursday I felt a little better, but that’s when my molar started rearing its ugly head. Ugh. This weekend was the worst, I felt so bad the only thing that made me feel better was being held by Mom. I made sure she was either holding me or playing with me AT ALL TIMES, and now I think I’m finally on the upswing.

I’m just so happy she’s back, words can’t describe it. I guess I can say I feel as happy as I look here:

Could I BE any happier?!

Well gotta go, I can’t let Mom out of my site these days, don’t want her going missing again!


I just have one thing to say today: I want my MOOOOOOOOOOOOMY!!!!!

Problem is, she’s not around. Last time I saw her we were all in the car and we drove up to some crazy building with loopy roads going in and out, she took a big bag out of the car, started crying like crazy, kissed me goodbye and that was it. She’s gone.

Dad said something about flying and somplace called San Francrisco but nothing makes sense to me because I’m too damn depressed to even think straight. It’s now Tuesday and I haven’t seen Mommy since Sunday morning. Can somebody please tell me what’s going on???????

Dad tried to distract me the other day with some photos from my birthday. I guess frosting is a pretty good pick-me-up. But it’s no Mommy.

Here I am with the birthday cupcakes:

Make a Wish!

I have to say the frosting was the best part.


Finger likin' good....

Mmmmm cupcakes. Almost makes me forget how much I miss my Mommy, NOT!!!!! Where IS she? If anyone knows where she is or when she’s coming back, please let me know!!! I don’t know if I can handle another day with Daddy. Don’t get me wrong, Daddy is great fun and takes great care of me, but his hugs just aren’t as, you know, soft.

She was last seen wearing a black and gray sweater, black glasses and jeans. Here’s the last photo we took of her, on the morning she disappeared. You can see I’m clearly too out of it to notice what’s going on:

Me and Mommy, little did I know...


Today I’m ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!! Yippppeeee!!!