February 2007

Mom’s decided that I should start keeping a log of my words. There’s not that many now, but eventually we’ll lose count unless we write them down.

So here’s what I’ve got:

Water (some indiscernable thing that sounds like warglea)
Bottle (Baba)
Dog (Dooooaaah!)

And as of today I have one phrase too:

All Done!!! (said as “ALLDONE!” used to convey “I’m done with dinner, pick me up!”)

well, that’s it. All Done!


Lately I’ve been feeling, I don’t know, a little bored by my baby toys. The stacking rings, the blocks, the stuffed animals. They’re sweet and all, but they just don’t stimulate me, intellectually.

These days I prefer my books. Luckily, Mom and Dad don’t seem to mind if I bury my head in books, not even at the dinner table.

Hmmm, Interesting!

Just don’t interrupt me in the middle of an intense I-Spy session, that’s all I ask.

Can I help you?