March 2007

Today was a big day for me. Mom, Dad and I went to Doodle Doos for my First Haircut!!!

My ‘fro was getting a bit unruly, I’ll admit it. Here are some “before” shots:

The biggest problem with my ‘do before the haircut was bedhead, and having my hair fall in my eyes, just try taming this cowlick:

So anyway, we got the the salon early which was great because I had a chance to look around at all the toys they had, and pick out a video to watch during my haircut (Blues Clues!!). Then we got down to business.

First the nice lady gave me a sticker for my hand:

I guess the sticker was meant to distract me, but I wasn’t bothered by the haircut at all. In fact I kind of enjoyed all the attention!!!! Here I am in the little “car,” totally enthralled with Blues Clues:

The stylist was a bit of a chatterbox, which is ok I guess.

And of course, the finished product you’ve all been waiting for!

Overall it was a pretty great experience. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Mom and Dad, who BOTH have the stomach bug I had last week. Good thing the salon had a public restroom!!!


My mom’s been AWOL lately, so I had to ask Dad to help me out. Apparently she’s been too busy surfing Urban Baby to spend any quality Internet time with me.

Fortunately, Dad’s been holed up with my stomach flu all week and was able to set aside time between his mutterings of “Typhoid Tess” and trips to the bathroom to post some new photos for me.

Man oh man I’ve been doing too much walking!!!! My dogs are KILLING ME!

It’s been a while, you know the story. What can I say, the Straw Family has been busy.

Last week we went to Portland to find our new home. We found a nice place to call home, with a nice view of the ocean and walking distance to my favorite place, the Children’s Museum! We got a family membership, so I’ll be spending a lot of time there come May! Once Dad is done with the Bar exam, we’re going to live it up Maine style, Lobster Festival, Blueberry Festival, Old Port Festival….Now if I can learn how to eat a lobster by May I’ll be SET.

Back at home I’m getting more comfortable with my walking. I was recently inspired by my friend Isabel. When she visited she was walking everywhere, I could barely keep up. So I resorted to showing Isabel around in my Radio Flyer Wagon.

After that we got bored and just sort of wrestled around.

That’s pretty much it. We’ve been playing “catch-up” since we returned from Maine. Mom says this means piles of laundry everywhere and no time for family strolls. Not a very fun game if you ask me.

I’ll come back later and fill you all in on our new home.


Well, it finally happened, I put two and two together… two steps that is… and took my first real unassisted steps. I did it the first time two weekends ago (Feb. 17th), but really got going earlier this week. So yeah, I did it, I walked. But I’m in no hurry to run.

Seems whenever I try this walking thing I occasionally miscalculate a step, and next thing I know — BAM! — I’m cracking my noggin on the hardwood floor or a nearby piece of furniture. OUCH! So I’m thinking, How do I avoid cracking my noggin? Easy: avoid this upright nonsense!!!!

You see, I’m risk averse. Kind of like my Mom and Dad. Let’s put it this way, I don’t come from bungee jumping stock. If an activity involves a high risk of serious physical injury — like skydiving, bungee jumping, or roller derby for example — us Straws are not so keen. Sure we like to get out there and get active, but we’re not seeking any adrenaline rush at the cost of our physical wellbeing if you know what I mean.

This plan has worked out pretty well for me so far. Dad carries me everywhere, and when Mom’s in a rush I hitch a plush ride on her hip. So I’ve proved I can walk, but for now, I’m sitting this one out!