May 2007

Like I said, we’re here in Portland [MAINE that is, not to be confused with Portland OREGON, or Vermont or New Hampshire – some people need a New England geography lesson, I tell ya!!!].

Anyway, I’m sort of recovered from the move itself. I have to say it was getting hairy there for a while. What used to be my play area was slowly filled with boxes, and before I knew it my old room was all packed up and Mom, Dad and I went on a big roadtrip.

For a few days there it was more boxes everywhere, but in some new place. I thought we were on vacation, but it now looks like we’re here permanently. I guessed this when Dad set up my crib in the new place.

So far, I’m liking this Maine place. My daily outings consist of Playgrounds…


and more grass than I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!!!

I have to say I really dig beaches, even though I’ve only been once. That sand stuff is pretty cool. I could play there for hours…..

I’m still a little scared at night when I wake up and I’m in this new place, but I don’t think I’d rather be anyplace else. So far, Maine is pretty Tess-friendly.


I’m still alive. Things are happening. I’m a Mainer now. Dad’s not a student anymore.

It’s crazy. I said Goodbye to Maggie, not sure what that means, but I haven’t seen her in a while so it can’t be good.

Also said Goodbye to New York. Not sure where it’s going?

Once I figure this all out I’ll come back and report more.


I got a problem. I’ve got an unflattering condition I call Bankle.

banklen the unsightly buldge in otherwise adorable baby fat created as a result of outgrowing ones socks too quickly; not to be confused with the cankle often complained of in some women’s late pregnancy.

Bankle Images:

Not sure why Mom hasn’t gotten around to updating my wardrobe. I know she’s been busy, and she’s been awful tired lately…. I wonder what’s up with that?

When she wakes up can someone tell her I need some new socks???



Last weekend I went to visit my friend Isabel one last time before our big move to Portland.

We had so much fun. We played with her cell phones, ate brocolli, I kissed a dog (and GOT KISSED by a dog), and we played some duets on the piano. I love Isabel. I’m really gonna miss seeing her when we go to Portland. ::sniff:: ::sniff:: ok, gotta go people, catch ya ::sniff:: later.