June 2007

In the great green field…

Today Mom, Dad and I went to the Big Red Barn!!! I’m not joking. Mom and Dad didn’t figure it out, but I’m positive it’s the exact farm FROM THE BOOK!!!

How do I know this, you ask???

Well, first off, check out the similarity:

The Smiling Hill Farm, as they call it, where we went today:

And the famous Big Red Barn:

And other evidence I collected…

There was a pink pig, who was learning to squeal:

A little cow that “mooooooed”:

oh, and they don’t mention this in the book, but that little cow likes to kiss too….

these Mainers sure are friendly…

Anyway, you get the picture. It’s basically the place from the book, I’m certain of it.

Who knows what else they’re hiding up here in Maine? Next week what will it be? Maybe we’ll visit Nutbrown Hare in the Great Green Room or something. I can’t wait!!

Anyway, that place is great. After petting the animals, we played on some of the farm equipment. But kids, don’t try this at home, this requires a LICENSE:

After driving the tractor, we had worked up quite an appetite. So we sampled some fresh ice cream, fed the ducks, then headed home. But not without a batch of fresh milk and cheese to go! YUM!!!

Well, gotta run to bed now.


This weekend we made another outing to Crescent Beach State Park. I’m starting to really warm up to this Ocean thing. It was a bit scary at first, and I much prefer the sand anyway.

Dad eventually got me to put my toes in the water, and before I knew it I was frolicking in the waves like a pro.

I know you’re wondering, what’s up with the fuzzy photos? Before you panic, no, the paparazzi aren’t hounding me, not any more at least. The photos are from mom’s cell phone camera. Mom says she didn’t bring the real camera because we were trying to “be in the moment,” whatever that means. She still spent half the time fiddling with the cell phone!!

Well, I have to go take a bath and wash the sand from my toes.