It all makes sense now!!! Mom hasn’t been herself for quite some time now. Since May she was napping more often, she wouldn’t pick me up no matter how much I demanded “Up! Up! Up!” (I was beginning to think she was hard of hearing!), and the space on her lap was getting more and more cramped as the days went by. It was pretty confusing to me, but now I understand what all that jibber-jabber was about. The non-stop talk of the “baby” and “big sister” and the pointing to mommy’s belly, they were trying to tell me that I was having a baby!

So, the news is, I’m a big sister now!!! Last week Mom and Dad brought home my very own baby sister, Story Straw!!!!

Here is one of the very first shots of the two Straw sisters together, it was tough holding this pose, Story is HEAVY!

Well, I’m off now to get some rest. It’s a lot of work having a baby in the house!