October 2007

You know I’ve always been a sophisticated consumer. My loyal readers will remember that I was not a fan of the Bumbo from the very beginning. Not only did that company engage in blatant false advertising, promising non-stop parties and beach outings, but the seat itself was rather intimidating for a young three-month old Tess.

This is my very unhappy reaction to the so-called Bumbo:

Note that my parents had the good sense to place the seat on the floor, and not an elevated surface.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. Just as I predicted back in April 2006, the Bumbo seat has actually been RECALLED!!!!

Now a note to all you new readers who have come looking for information on the Bumbo recall, and instead have found my blog: of course I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for any child injured by the Bumbo seat.

Well, gotta run, who knows what other hazardous toys I can uncover – I have to get to work!


For those of you still wondering, in the previous post, the first baby pictured was Story, the second was ME. Of course it was pretty obvious I guess, it’s hard not to recognize my trademark cheeks.

Sorry I haven’t been updating that much lately, Story and I are just having too much fun these days! I’m really starting to enjoy this Big Sister gig.

I really think Story is starting to warm up to me.

Ok, this is a little weird. One of these photos is Yours Truly at 8 weeks, and the other is Story. Can you guess who is who?

I didn’t include links so there will be no cheating. I’ll give you a hint: one of us is known for our famously adorable cheeks.

In other news, Story and I are having a great time together these days. We have a little arrangement. I’m showing her the ropes, and in return she’s providing excellent distraction while I watch episode after episode of the Backyardigans. It works.

She still gets a little nervous when I hold her, I don’t know why.

I’m late for a Halloween Costume brainstorming session, so I gotta run.