March 2008

March this year is stacking up to be quite a month. So many awesome things happened this month, I don’t know where to begin!

Story and I took our first bath together!!! Twice the fun!

I started my art class, and have already made a ton of fine art projects:

My artistic skills came in handy when I was tapped by Mom to manage the Easter Egg decorating project.

This past Sunday was Maine Maple Easter Sunday, which is the day the Easter Bunny makes all the maple syrup, and puts baskets of candy in your house while you’re out freezing your butt off eating pancakes outside! It really is a spectacular holiday, especially the ice cream and maple syrup.

Here I am with my friend Nina enjoying ice cream after our pancake breakfast:

After we got home from pancakes, I took a nice warm nap, and woke up to find bunny tracks all over the house! This made it super easy for me to hunt all the eggs.

Oh yeah, and Story ate avocado:

I think Story did some other stuff, but alas, I’m out of time!


I guess it’s about time I gave my little sister a little floor time. So today, it’s Story Time! Maybe we’ll make it a weekly thing, well, only if she does something interesting. So, with that, I’ll turn it over.

Hi. It’s me, Story.

I’m kind of knew to this whole blogosphere thing. So I guess I’ll start with a little about myself, likes and dislikes…


Hanging with my girls:



Dislikes? Well, for starters I really hate waiting to eat, a cold breeze on a wet bum, and staying up too late. For some reason, mom doesn’t have any photos of my dislikes. Hmm.

Oh, I almost forgot. My favorite thing in the whole wide world, is my big sister Tess!!!

Ok. This is kinda tiring. I gottasg.,kmb.xzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Woah, hey, Tess here again. Story just sorta fell asleep on me. She’s always doing that. Well, more of Story later.