I guess it’s about time I gave my little sister a little floor time. So today, it’s Story Time! Maybe we’ll make it a weekly thing, well, only if she does something interesting. So, with that, I’ll turn it over.

Hi. It’s me, Story.

I’m kind of knew to this whole blogosphere thing. So I guess I’ll start with a little about myself, likes and dislikes…


Hanging with my girls:



Dislikes? Well, for starters I really hate waiting to eat, a cold breeze on a wet bum, and staying up too late. For some reason, mom doesn’t have any photos of my dislikes. Hmm.

Oh, I almost forgot. My favorite thing in the whole wide world, is my big sister Tess!!!

Ok. This is kinda tiring. I gottasg.,kmb.xzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzz

Woah, hey, Tess here again. Story just sorta fell asleep on me. She’s always doing that. Well, more of Story later.