So this morning I was doing my usual thing, trying to decide which cup to drink out of. First I wanted the pink one, then the purple one, then pink, purple, NO PINK! It’s so hard to decide!

Then the phone rings and Mom starts chatting away which I found very rude because I just wanted to talk about my milk cup. So I started to do whatever I could to get her attention. I tried climbing her leg, I tried hollering, I tried screaming, I tried crying.

Finally Mom bends down and looks me straight in the eye and says in her most serious voice “Tess, I’m on the phone trying to make arrangements to go see Santa Claus, so please be a good girl and be quiet until I am off the phone.”

Wha-wha-whaaat???? We’re going to see SANTA CLAUS!

When she gets off the phone she explains that Santa picked us to ride on the real Polar Express to see Santa and his workshop!

Why didn’t she just say that in the first place? I mean, I couldn’t care less what cup I use, I don’t have time for those details, I need to start thinking about my Christmas List so I can present it to SANTA!

Polar Express 2008

So yeah, we’re going to see Santa. Mom says that many children want to go see Santa but each year only some can go – there’s not enough room on the train for everyone! I’m SO EXCITED! Mom says its a long way off, but the better to prepare my Christmas list.

What’s that? Oh, Story is telling me to mention Halloween. Yeah, next week is Halloween. We’re still working on my costume, but don’t worry, I can still work on my LIST, I’m great at multi-tasking.