Guess what tomorrow is? It’s Story’s BIRTHDAY!!! Story is going to be One Year Old tomorrow. Where did the time go? The summer months have FLOWN by here in Maine and I have so much catching up to do it is a little overwhelming. So I will take it one pinkie toe at a time and just stop in to say HELLO, and promise I will come back to update tomorrow after Story’s big Birthday celebration.

Oh, and we’re buying a new house tomorrow, Mom and Dad seem pretty worked up over that, but really, it pales next to the BIG OH-ONE for my girl Story!

later, xoxo

Well we’ve been busy here at the Strawberry Patch. In the last few weeks we had Thanksgiving, Dad’s birthday, AND Dad got sworn at by the State of Massachusetts. I’m not sure why that last one is such a big deal, Mom does it all the time. But this time they made a big deal over it with a ceremony to swear at a bunch of men and women in suits.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Thanksgiving was a blast. We spent it with Grandpa Marino and the cousins. Dad tried to explain the whole cranberry–turkey thing to me, but I stuck to the basics this year.

The best part about Thanksgiving is the duck pins bowling!!! Apparently this is a long standing tradition in my Mom’s family. Dad had to help me out a bit, but apparently I have bowling in the blood.

Did I mention we also had our first snow here in Maine? I was a little confused when I first woke up, I thought it was Christmas!! But Dad explained that it snows on other days too. So confusing. Anyway, snow is very cool. No, seriously, its downright COLD. You need to be prepared before going out in it:

It took me and Dad most of the morning to get all these layers on:

Trust me, it was worth it.

Where was Story during all this fun in the snow? She was inside in her swing. Yeah, babies can’t go out in the snow. Maybe next year.

Well, gotta run I have to catch up on my sleep. I’ll come back later and tell you all about my weekend in Connecticut.


It all makes sense now!!! Mom hasn’t been herself for quite some time now. Since May she was napping more often, she wouldn’t pick me up no matter how much I demanded “Up! Up! Up!” (I was beginning to think she was hard of hearing!), and the space on her lap was getting more and more cramped as the days went by. It was pretty confusing to me, but now I understand what all that jibber-jabber was about. The non-stop talk of the “baby” and “big sister” and the pointing to mommy’s belly, they were trying to tell me that I was having a baby!

So, the news is, I’m a big sister now!!! Last week Mom and Dad brought home my very own baby sister, Story Straw!!!!

Here is one of the very first shots of the two Straw sisters together, it was tough holding this pose, Story is HEAVY!

Well, I’m off now to get some rest. It’s a lot of work having a baby in the house!


I’m still alive. Things are happening. I’m a Mainer now. Dad’s not a student anymore.

It’s crazy. I said Goodbye to Maggie, not sure what that means, but I haven’t seen her in a while so it can’t be good.

Also said Goodbye to New York. Not sure where it’s going?

Once I figure this all out I’ll come back and report more.


Ok, lesson for today: Face Parts. Ask me about various face parts, and I’ll show you where they are. Ok, let’s give it a go.

Where’s my nose?

Where’s my Eye???

Where’s my Chin??

Ooh, ooh, this is a tough one, I KNOW I know this one…..Garrrgh, let me think!

Oh yeah, here it is!

Did you follow all that? I know it’s complicated.

What? Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face? I do!!!!???? Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner!!!???

Don’t worry, we can review again tomorrow.


Did I ever mention how much I love books? Some babies have their blankets, others have binkies, yet others have loveys, bottles, nuk-nuks, pacis, thumbs, teddies, tattered pieces of worried thread-bare fabric… (woah, are we babies a bunch of comfort addicts or what?). Well, I have my books.

When I get down I like to go to my little library and just start swimming in the books. Mom likes to keep them lined up neatly on the shelf, just so I can pull them all down, one by one. She knows I love nothing more than a floor covered with a sea of books.

Whenever I’m bored I can take a book to Mom or Dad, say “Book!” and they’ll drop what they’re doing, pop me on their lap and read my chosen book to me. It doesn’t get any better than that.

It doesn’t have to be a story, or even a real book. I have a subscription to Wild Animal Baby magazine that makes for some very interesting reading.

Nothing beats a good educational magazine with breakfast.

At night I like to take good bedtime titles with me when I have my milk: Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Maine are some of my favorites.

Speaking of which, I’m headed to bed now. I had an AWESOME day with Mom out in the beautiful weather today. Unfortunately I’m too pooped to write about it. Tune in later and I’ll tell ya all about it!


I’m trying to get something sorted out and I need your help. I’ve been trying to straighten out the A, B and C. No, No, No, not the ABC’s, that’s what everyone keeps saying. I’m just talking about A. B. And C. I can’t figure them out!

Is the C the clingy one? It sort of has a renaissance collar effect, don’t you think? Or maybe it’s more Elizabethan? I always thought those things were called Buster Collars, but let’s not get bogged down in the details.

One thing I know is my favorite is the B! Why? I just think of all the cool words I can say that start with B? BALL, BABA, BOOK. Is B the bubbly one?

The worst part is I hear there are 23 MORE letters to learn…. I better hit the books!!


Today was a big day for me. Mom, Dad and I went to Doodle Doos for my First Haircut!!!

My ‘fro was getting a bit unruly, I’ll admit it. Here are some “before” shots:

The biggest problem with my ‘do before the haircut was bedhead, and having my hair fall in my eyes, just try taming this cowlick:

So anyway, we got the the salon early which was great because I had a chance to look around at all the toys they had, and pick out a video to watch during my haircut (Blues Clues!!). Then we got down to business.

First the nice lady gave me a sticker for my hand:

I guess the sticker was meant to distract me, but I wasn’t bothered by the haircut at all. In fact I kind of enjoyed all the attention!!!! Here I am in the little “car,” totally enthralled with Blues Clues:

The stylist was a bit of a chatterbox, which is ok I guess.

And of course, the finished product you’ve all been waiting for!

Overall it was a pretty great experience. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Mom and Dad, who BOTH have the stomach bug I had last week. Good thing the salon had a public restroom!!!


Man oh man I’ve been doing too much walking!!!! My dogs are KILLING ME!

Mom’s decided that I should start keeping a log of my words. There’s not that many now, but eventually we’ll lose count unless we write them down.

So here’s what I’ve got:

Water (some indiscernable thing that sounds like warglea)
Bottle (Baba)
Dog (Dooooaaah!)

And as of today I have one phrase too:

All Done!!! (said as “ALLDONE!” used to convey “I’m done with dinner, pick me up!”)

well, that’s it. All Done!


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