I don’t know if my regular readers are aware of this, but I’ve been getting some pretty crazy comment action these days. I mean seriously people, I’m a toddler, watch your language!!!!!

So I just want to make a couple things clear to my new readers (I’m sure all my regulars understand the essense of the blog of Tess, so you guys can just skip ahead…) But for all you newbies… listen up! I need to make a few things very clear. I’ll put it in numerical list format for easier comprehension, I know how you newbies like to skim:

1) I loved the Bumbo;

2) I never really intended to file suit against the makers of Bumbo (please people, are any of you crazy noters actually READING my blog??? see for some help on this one!);

3) I STILL love the BUMBO!!!!! Check it out:

So with that, I would like to close the chapter on the Bumbo controversy. That’s it, case closed!

In other news, last weekend we went to the spectacular Mom to Mom Halloween party. Can you guess what we are?:

It helps if you can see a closeup of Story:

Any guesses?

You know I’ve always been a sophisticated consumer. My loyal readers will remember that I was not a fan of the Bumbo from the very beginning. Not only did that company engage in blatant false advertising, promising non-stop parties and beach outings, but the seat itself was rather intimidating for a young three-month old Tess.

This is my very unhappy reaction to the so-called Bumbo:

Note that my parents had the good sense to place the seat on the floor, and not an elevated surface.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. Just as I predicted back in April 2006, the Bumbo seat has actually been RECALLED!!!!

Now a note to all you new readers who have come looking for information on the Bumbo recall, and instead have found my blog: of course I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for any child injured by the Bumbo seat.

Well, gotta run, who knows what other hazardous toys I can uncover – I have to get to work!


Happy belated Easter everybody!!!!

Well my 2nd Easter was a great success. My Easter Egg hunting has improved dramatically from last year (if you recall, last year I had the Stroller Handicap, so unless the eggs were perched in the treetops, I couldn’t see ’em let alone trot over to pick ’em up). But not this year. Now that I’m MO-BILE no Egg was outside my potential grasp. My Egg yield went from Zero last year, to Two this year! Pretty good growth, year-over-year, don’t ya think?

Check it, I scored a pink one:

and a blue one:

The weird part about Easter is the dressing up part. I had to get all girlie and everyone was ogling me all day, and I couldn’t walk around outside too much because Mom didn’t want me to get muddy. Why can’t they make an Easter dress out of fleece or something?

In other news, I also upgraded my wheels this weekend! Mom and Dad got tired of bending over my old scooter to push me around, so they got this sweet model with a handle bar for them to push and steer. I can’t really reach the pedals, but that doesn’t matter when you’ve got Dad to power you around everywhere!!!!

I also got to play with my cousins, and their dog and cat, which was awsome. Mom tried to get me to pose for a picture, but I was too busy trying to squirm off the couch and show off my walking skillz for her to get a decent shot. Oh well.

Well, gotta get to bed, I’m still trying to sleep off the sugar coma!


Man oh man I’ve been doing too much walking!!!! My dogs are KILLING ME!

I told Mom we’d find something to spice up the montage. I’ve gotten much more mobile these days, especially since Mom and Dad let me open my present from Grandma and Nana early!!! Check it out:

I’ve got the need for speed too, I tell ya. Once I get going at a good clip, with the wind blowing in my hair, there’s nothing more thrilling. Look at me here, totally in the zone:

Occassionally when I forget how much it hurts to fall, I’ll take my hands off the wagon and do some freestyle standing, but only for a second. Mostly I like to push the wagon back and forth across the apartment, sometimes Rag-a-muffin Girl tags along for a ride which is fine by me, she doesn’t say much, which is how I like it.

Anyway, only One More Week ‘Til Christmas!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!


All this hub-bub over giggling, and no one is paying attention to how well I’m doing on my other To-do list items. I’ve been working around the clock on item #3: “Put Everything in My Mouth.”

You see I can’t be sure if an item is a Friend of Tess or an Enemy of Tess, until I Put it in my Mouth. Once I’ve got it in there —

and I like to really jam it up in there good —

I can stick my tongue all over it, slobber on it, taste it, and REALLY get to know it.

Once I’ve got something in my mouth, I can say, without a doubt “I like you” or “I really don’t care for you” or even “I LOOOOVE YOU.” So far, I love pretty much everything!

As you can also see, I’ve made up with my Bumbo. I just can’t hold a grudge. I guess I’m just a lover, not a fighter.


We pulled the Bjorn out again and tried it in the front-facing position, what fun!!! I had a whole new perspective on things. Dad loves it too.

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you all. I know it looks like we have this perfect little life, Mom, Dad and Me. But this is an internet blog, and it’s supposed to be about my deepest darkest feelings, right? So I have to share this with you. We have an addict in the family. That’s right, Dad is a Chocoholic. But please don’t pity me. He has it under control.

You see, without Chocolate, Chocoholics have trouble functioning in daily life. They’re ornary, have trouble concentrating, and their sense of humor is completely diminished, almost non-existent. Through the help of CA (Chocoholics Anonymous) Dad has learned that he must seek Chocolate on a daily basis to keep his Chocoholism under control. Luckily we have a chocolate shop right down the road.

So every day, to help Dad cope, the whole family goes on an outing together to the chocolate shop.

…. and we get Dad his Chocolate…

It’s the least we can do to help him, he suffers so. I feel so much better getting that off my chest. Like I said, don’t pity me. We’re a strong family and we’re coping.