Phew! Christmas. Where do I begin? If I had known what was coming I would have been a lot less patient through the month of December. This year it sort of snuck up on me, but Whoa boy, what a holiday!

It all started about a month ago when Mom and Dad took me to the town square to see the “Christmas Tree.” I thought, “yeah, nice, lights, hmm, whatev.” But then Mom says, “Tess, would you like to have a Christmas Tree at home?” I think to myself, yeah, that could be interesting. I could put my stuffed animals in there. Story would be entertained for hours by the lights.

So next thing I know we’re hauling home our very own Christmas Tree, right on top of the Prius (hey, with what we’ve done for the environment, we can cut down a few trees without remorse).

And then my bedtime ritual started to change. First we introduced a new book, Olivia Helps with Christmas. Then there were a few unfamiliar songs: Jingle Bells, Frosty, and one about a german reindeer with a drinking problem. Like I said in my last entry, I knew Christmas was coming, but how do you know when it is? Is it when the snow falls? Or when the cookies are done?

But I’ve finally figured it out. It’s Christmas when the presents arrive! See, when you wake up in the morning, you know it’s Christmas if your tree looks like this:

Well, what comes next is sort of a blur. Opening presents is hard work… if you get toys you have to stop and play with each one…

if you get clothes, you have to put them on….

if you get books you have to stop and read them…

if you get candy in your stocking you have to eat it…

And if all that’s not enough work, then you have to pose for pictures!!!

I did acquire one or two new friends, my favorite being my new Racoon friend.

I love that Racoon!!! No, I REALLY I LOVE HIM!!

Phew!!! The whole thing really tired me out!

I love that dog, but he never shuts up!

Oh yeah, and Story got presents too.

Wow, just thinking about it makes me tired all over again. So I’m off to bed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!! Can’t wait until next year!!!


Happy belated Easter everybody!!!!

Well my 2nd Easter was a great success. My Easter Egg hunting has improved dramatically from last year (if you recall, last year I had the Stroller Handicap, so unless the eggs were perched in the treetops, I couldn’t see ’em let alone trot over to pick ’em up). But not this year. Now that I’m MO-BILE no Egg was outside my potential grasp. My Egg yield went from Zero last year, to Two this year! Pretty good growth, year-over-year, don’t ya think?

Check it, I scored a pink one:

and a blue one:

The weird part about Easter is the dressing up part. I had to get all girlie and everyone was ogling me all day, and I couldn’t walk around outside too much because Mom didn’t want me to get muddy. Why can’t they make an Easter dress out of fleece or something?

In other news, I also upgraded my wheels this weekend! Mom and Dad got tired of bending over my old scooter to push me around, so they got this sweet model with a handle bar for them to push and steer. I can’t really reach the pedals, but that doesn’t matter when you’ve got Dad to power you around everywhere!!!!

I also got to play with my cousins, and their dog and cat, which was awsome. Mom tried to get me to pose for a picture, but I was too busy trying to squirm off the couch and show off my walking skillz for her to get a decent shot. Oh well.

Well, gotta get to bed, I’m still trying to sleep off the sugar coma!


I told Mom we’d find something to spice up the montage. I’ve gotten much more mobile these days, especially since Mom and Dad let me open my present from Grandma and Nana early!!! Check it out:

I’ve got the need for speed too, I tell ya. Once I get going at a good clip, with the wind blowing in my hair, there’s nothing more thrilling. Look at me here, totally in the zone:

Occassionally when I forget how much it hurts to fall, I’ll take my hands off the wagon and do some freestyle standing, but only for a second. Mostly I like to push the wagon back and forth across the apartment, sometimes Rag-a-muffin Girl tags along for a ride which is fine by me, she doesn’t say much, which is how I like it.

Anyway, only One More Week ‘Til Christmas!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!


I’m 5 months old today!!! Yeah!

That’s almost half way to a year! It’s not technically a real birthday, which I understand only happens once a year. But anyway, birthdays are not like normal days. Today I learned that when it’s your birthday very special things happen.

It all started early this morning. I woke up in my crib and I was going about my business. Doing my usual stretching and yawning routine, sucking on my Lovey, waiting for Mom to notice my rustling noises. Next thing I know, Dad is hopping out of bed like a spring (which he NEVER does) and he’s grabbing me. Then he’s throwing me into this, this, Massive Command Center of sucking, spinning, flashing, popping and beeping TOYS.

This is me in my new Exersaucer, it’s my Birthday Present! It was a complete surprise!

Apparently Dad snuck the Exersaucer into the apartment late last night after I went to bed, and he and Mom stayed up ’til the wee hours assembling it. Then this morning, there it was!

I spent all day playing in it. I haven’t even gotten to all the toys yet, let alone the bouncing and spinning functions. This thing blows all my other toys away. Seriously, check out this bad boy:

What fun! Now I’m totally pooped and have to go to bed. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow to play in it some more!