You know I’ve always been a sophisticated consumer. My loyal readers will remember that I was not a fan of the Bumbo from the very beginning. Not only did that company engage in blatant false advertising, promising non-stop parties and beach outings, but the seat itself was rather intimidating for a young three-month old Tess.

This is my very unhappy reaction to the so-called Bumbo:

Note that my parents had the good sense to place the seat on the floor, and not an elevated surface.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. Just as I predicted back in April 2006, the Bumbo seat has actually been RECALLED!!!!

Now a note to all you new readers who have come looking for information on the Bumbo recall, and instead have found my blog: of course I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for any child injured by the Bumbo seat.

Well, gotta run, who knows what other hazardous toys I can uncover – I have to get to work!


For those of you still wondering, in the previous post, the first baby pictured was Story, the second was ME. Of course it was pretty obvious I guess, it’s hard not to recognize my trademark cheeks.

Sorry I haven’t been updating that much lately, Story and I are just having too much fun these days! I’m really starting to enjoy this Big Sister gig.

I really think Story is starting to warm up to me.

Ok, this is a little weird. One of these photos is Yours Truly at 8 weeks, and the other is Story. Can you guess who is who?

I didn’t include links so there will be no cheating. I’ll give you a hint: one of us is known for our famously adorable cheeks.

In other news, Story and I are having a great time together these days. We have a little arrangement. I’m showing her the ropes, and in return she’s providing excellent distraction while I watch episode after episode of the Backyardigans. It works.

She still gets a little nervous when I hold her, I don’t know why.

I’m late for a Halloween Costume brainstorming session, so I gotta run.


Well we’re moving right along on our Fall To-Do List. This weekend we went to the Raven Hill Orchard for some apple picking. The weather was sunny and crisp — a perfect day for roaming in a beautiful apple orchard!

I highly recommend the Raven Hill Orchard. It’s certified organic, and no long lines!!! They don’t have the donut machine hooked up yet though. That’s ok, we had our fill of donuts last weekend. And I do have to say I’ve never tasted a better McIntosh in my entire life! I know, I didn’t have any molars last fall, but I’ve sampled plenty of apples THIS season.

The best part about Raven Hill was all the eye-level apples. You know how I love to be self-sufficient.

But occasionally I spotted a real winner that was up too high, and that’s where Dad came in handy.

So we’ve still got a busy agenda for the rest of the season. I still don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween. Any suggestions?

As I mentioned, Story keeps us busy around here. It’s a full time job just trying to coax a smile out of her. Apparently Story did not get my sense of humor, I’m sure I was never like that! I don’t know, maybe she’s upset about living in my shadow. It certainly looks that way:

Anyway, we’re still having fun. A couple weeks ago we had a visit from Aunt Jackie (I think that’s her name, I’m having a tough time keeping track of all the dark haired ladies that come around here).

We’ve also got a full agenda for Fall in Maine, here’s our to-do list:

1. Apple Picking
2. Cider Donut Eating
3. Pumpkin Procurement
4. Corn Maze
5. Leaf Peeping
6. Cider Donut Eating
7. Costume Development
8. Halloween Partying/Trick-or-Treating

I have to admit we’re not doing so well on our list, but the season is still young. Last weekend we set out to do #1 and #2 at Thompson’s Orchard. Unfortunately, we got waylaid in the donut line and by the time we had our tummies full of fresh fried dough, it was nap time and the apples went unpicked. Well, I guess we did capture ONE apple:

Those were some mighty fine donuts, so I’m glad Mom and Dad knew to bump the apples off for another week.

This weekend I think we’ll tackle the corn. Stay tuned for details.


I can’t believe mime legend Marcel Marceau is gone. I never got a chance to see him perform live. Monsieur Marceau was one of my favorite performance artists. (He ties for a close second with Siegfried and Roy — Blue Man Group being #1 of course). I even considered taking up mime myself. I’ve been told I have a natural talent. See for yourself:

That’s a photo of me practicing my moves back before Story was born.

We’ll miss you Marcel, the world will be a noisier place without you.


Things have really slowed down for the Tessers (that’s me) these days. Now that Story wants to tag along everywhere I go, it’s much harder to jet around the way I used to.

But we do still get out on occassion. The other weekend we went to Sebago Lake to check it out. It wasn’t as exciting as the ocean, but they did have a wicked huge (hey, I’m almost a native Mainer!) sand castle on the beach. We’re talking Guinness Book action, check it out:

Don’t get me wrong, I love having Story around. And I don’t mind the extra responsibility of being “the Big Sister” — you know, making sure no one drools on her at the playground, or drops a marracca on her at Music Together. In fact, I kind of like it.

I have been asked if Story will start her own blog, or if I’ll let her have a voice here…. well… I love the little shrimp but lets not get carried away. Speaking of carried away, it’s my bedtime, so I gotta run!


With all the hubub around here over Story’s arrival, I forgot to say good-bye to Eliza, my first and only best friend in Maine!!! I will always look back on the summer of ’07 fondly, all thanks to Eliza and her knowledge of all the toddler hot-spots in and around Portland. We had many a good time at the beach, the playground, Mackworth Island, and my personal favorites — Story Time, and the PETSTORE!

Anyway, Eliza moved on to bigger and better things, and we had to say goodbye. ::sniff sniff::

Well, gotta run, now that Eliza’s not here, I’m real busy keeping Mom entertained.


It all makes sense now!!! Mom hasn’t been herself for quite some time now. Since May she was napping more often, she wouldn’t pick me up no matter how much I demanded “Up! Up! Up!” (I was beginning to think she was hard of hearing!), and the space on her lap was getting more and more cramped as the days went by. It was pretty confusing to me, but now I understand what all that jibber-jabber was about. The non-stop talk of the “baby” and “big sister” and the pointing to mommy’s belly, they were trying to tell me that I was having a baby!

So, the news is, I’m a big sister now!!! Last week Mom and Dad brought home my very own baby sister, Story Straw!!!!

Here is one of the very first shots of the two Straw sisters together, it was tough holding this pose, Story is HEAVY!

Well, I’m off now to get some rest. It’s a lot of work having a baby in the house!


I’ve been so busy enjoying summer in Maine, I’ve barely had time to write!!!

Last week was our family reunion at The Farm at French’s Point. And then over the weekend was my Grandpa’s wedding!

I’m still busy unpacking, but I’ll be back soon to give a full report.


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